Programme Evaluation and Monitoring

Support for the design of logical frameworks and systems for monitoring and evaluation

Program Evaluation and Results Oriented Monitoring.

Result-oriented monitoring is the external monitoring system of DG DEVCO and DG NEAR, aimed at increasing the internal control, accountability and management capacity of the European Commission with a strong focus on results.

It supports the operational units at EU headquarters and delegations in their internal monitoring and reporting functions, complementing their work with an independent and external monitoring service provided during the various phases of the intervention cycle.

Нашият екип предоставя услуги в трите основни типа ROM услуги:

Support for the design of logical frameworks and systems for monitoring and evaluation

The main service here is aimed at reviewing the wording of the intervention logic, the related logical framework and / or the design of intervention level monitoring and reporting systems, as proposed or established by the implementing partners.

Support for data collection for reporting results

Annual support offered to operational managers and headquarters for data collection and quality control for monitoring and reporting results at intervention and corporate level.

Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM)

External and impartial evaluation of ongoing intervention aimed at improving results-based management.

Impact assessment
Identification of main problems to be solved through the intervention
Formulation of general, specific and operational goals
Identification of existing policies and opportunities to achieve the goals
Identification, prioritization and analysis of the scope and impact of external socio-economic factors
Comparison and ranking of opportunities in accordance with the expected positive and negative effects, expected and unexpected benefits and recommended good practices

Based on in-depth and thorough analysis and interpretation of data, our assessments create value for our customers in terms of:

Contribution to the design of interventions and recommendations for the formulation of priorities and policies
Assist in the efficient allocation of resources
Improving the quality and maximizing the positive effect of the intervention
Improving the reliability of a system for reporting the achieved results
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