Зелената сделка на ЕС

The EU Green Deal

The European Green Pact is the new strategic vision for EU development. The main goal is to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. This ambitious policy agenda will have an incredibly profound and transformative impact on the societies and economies of the EU Member States. To ensure that this transformation is carried out in a just way, the EC proposes a just transition mechanism (JTM) as part of the European Green Pact.

The objective of the Just Transition Mechanism is to provide a framework and funding opportunities to ensure that the people, industries, and regions most affected by the transition to a climate-neutral economy are supported per the principle of “yes”. There are no abandoned ones. ” SMEs are focused on fossil fuel-dependent regions and sectors and high-intensity greenhouse gas industrial processes, and consist of three pillars – the Just Transition Fund, the InvestEU Program, and the public lending mechanism.

The company’s expert team is involved in the development of analyzes to prepare Territorial Just Transition Plans. After the approval of these plans, we will offer business services for:

Identify appropriate programmes and projects to support the transition to a green and circular economy
Identify opportunities to support investment in large enterprises when needed to overcome job losses due to the transition
Technical advice to investment projects seeking funding in the four areas that reflect the EU's key policy priorities: (1) sustainable infrastructure; (2) research, innovation, and digitization; (3) SMEs; and (4) social investment and skills
Consultations on projects for financing under the 3rd pillar - loans in the public sector
Other Services