The Managing Authority of the Operational Programmes ” Regions in Growth” 2014-2020 publishes Guidelines for applicants for procedure BG16RFOP001-9.001 “Measures to address the pandemic” under Priority Axis 9 “Support to the health system for crisis management”.

The procedure is a direct grant provision in accordance with Article 25, paragraph 1, item 2 of the Law on Management of Funds from the European Structural and Investment Funds.

A direct beneficiary is the Ministry of Health, and the projects can be implemented in partnership between the Ministry of Health with municipalities and / or municipal medical institutions (for interventions in municipal medical institutions).

The envisaged budget amounts is BGN 129,271,258.60.

Мерки за справяне с пандемията

The activities of the procedure are aimed at strengthening the capacity of the hospital network through reconstruction, design and repairing activities for the establishment of isolated structures for treatment of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals, provision of medical and hospital equipment for structures established for treatment and care, patients with COVID-19, increasing the capacity of transfusion hematology centers to diagnose COVID-19 and implementing telemedicine in order to reduce the contacts of coronavirus-infected patients in receiving medical care.

The investments under the procedure are under the REACT-EU instrument.

Important Information

The deadline for submission of project proposals by the Ministry of Health is 19:00 o’clock on 29.07.2021 (inclusive) in the module for electronic application of the information system for management and monitoring of funds from the European Structural and Investment Funds UMIS 2020: https://eumis2020.government.bg. The guidelines for applicants, together with the annexes to them, are published on the website of the programme www.bgregio.eu, in the menu "Operational Program Regions in Growth 2014-2020", "Current procedures", procedure BG16RFOP001-9.001 "Measures to address the pandemic ”and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works - www.mrrb.bg.